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Alloys and Coatings: Applications in Combustion Turbines

August 18 - 20, 2008, Sugar Land, Texas

Course Description:

This 3-day course provides a comprehensive understanding of the alloys, failure analysis and coating systems and processes currently used in the combustion turbine (CT) industry. Beginning with an introduction to ferrous, non-ferrous and superalloys, the course will cover all aspects of coating processes and applications, component damage, life assessment, failure analysis and current and advanced protective coatings.

This course is designed for useful and practical knowledge that may be utilized immediately to enhance turbine performance. The authors hope to utilize their many years of developing and patenting coatings and materials, running businesses, and numerous presentations around the globe to make this a truly rewarding experience.

Course Instructors:

Dr. Purush Sahoo, Owner & President, Materials Solutions International

Dr. Srinivasan "Shanks" Shankar, Owner & President, Viker Technologies


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Course Description