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Significant Accomplishments:           

Co-owner of coating and engineering services shop in Houston, Texas

Developed new businesses at all companies employed

Developed advanced TBC as alternate to OEM proprietary coatings

Developed advanced hardface/ carbide as alternate to OEM proprietary coatings

Developed MCrAlY coatings as alternate to OEM proprietary coatings

Reduced variable costs by 20% as Business Unit Manager

Principal Investigator on DOE-Advanced Turbine System Program for Westinghouse

Invented and put into production coatings to compete against OEM patented coatings

Developed micro-Plasma Transferred Arc Metbond process for flight blade/vane  repairs

Conceptualized, developed, and implemented many Six Sigma processes

Developed and implemented MS Excel based job cost/estimation program

College level proficiency in: SPC, DOE, Six-Sigma, Failure Analysis, Materials Characterization & Testing, Statistics

Many company awards, 40+ publications and 4 patents

Company published sales and marketing brochures and technical bulletins

Award winning writer in ethnic news magazine (Little India)


Work Experience

2/06 to date:    Chief Technology Office American Surface Modifications, LLC (co-owner)

    Dedicated to providing coating, engineering, and technology transfer services to the surface modifications industry

Responsible for P&L, Admin, and Personnel

 4/03 to 1/06:    Director of Coatings Technology & Development Sulzer Hickham Inc

Responsible for all advanced IGT coatings

Developed F-Technology TBC and MCrAlY coatings

Advanced state of art in compressor coatings

Assisted sales & marketing in growing Hickhams coatings technology

Filed for three patents on new coatings

Represented Hickham at numerous trade shows

Implemented advanced TBC applications


7/01 to 4/03:    Director of Engineering & Quality: Sermatech Power Solutions

                        Business Unit Manager - Repairs: Sermatech Power Solutions

                        Business Unit Manager - Coatings: Sermatech Power Solutions


Manage entire repair & refurbishment shop with full P&L responsibility

Manage entire coatings operations shop with full P&L responsibility

Manage engineering and quality departments in the Texas Division and am responsible for: Process development, FAI, Tooling drawings and development

Part of team responsible for reduction in Cost of Quality, Quality initiatives

Direct a team in advancing new repair, refurbishment, heat treat, and rejuvenation of industrial gas turbines: GE Frames 5,6,7,9, S-W 251,501 series

Lead investigator for failure analysis and superalloy metallurgy inspection

6/'99 to 6/2001:    Director of Technology: Cincinnati Thermal Spray, Inc.

Manage engineering group responsible for product engineering (Tech. plans, Op. sheets, Source substantiation, etc.)

Part of team responsible for strategic growth, budget planning and acquisitions

Responsible for technical marketing and interfacing with customers for thermal spray services (Coatings and applications, material selection, testing)

Responsible for all R&D programs (Aero, Gas turbines, HCAT, Steel mill, etc.)


11/97-6/99:    Manager of Coating Development: Praxair-TAFA, Inc.

    Direct all coating (carbides, MCrAlY, metallic, etc.) development programs

Interface with customers on coating services (first articles, prototypes)

Set up laboratory and establish procedures (analytical, mechanical)

Support sales and marketing with major OEMs (GE, Dupont, PWA, etc.)

Establish coating performance test center (wear & corrosion testing)

3/90 to 11/97:    Senior Metallurgist: Sermatech International

Direct all thermal spray coatings programs- developed carbide, MCrAlY, and ceramic coatings and processes

Principal investigator on the following funded programs:

  • DOE-ATS subcontractor program ($ ~ 500K) on advanced TBC developing next generation coatings and robust processes

  • Westinghouse subcontractor program ($ ~ 600K) for welding of advanced alloys- developing new GTAW, EB and Laser repair processes

  • Rutgers University program ($ ~ 250K) on nanomaterial joining

  • Penn State University program ($ ~ 100K) on new weldable materials

Direct all advanced fusion welding repair programs- developing repair of advanced superalloys (IN 738, MAR-M-247, CMSX-4, etc.)

Hot section Component Repairs: Siemens-Westinghouse R1, R2 501 Blades and Vanes, PWA 1480 SX R1 HPT Blade, GE GTD 111/222 Blades, PCC IN738 Castings, etc.

Interface with and support customers on technical matters- troubleshooting

Familiar with: Welding cell design and layout, Laser (CO2, Nd-YAG) Welding, PTA, GTAW, AWS Specifications, Fluoride Ion Cleaning, etc.


5/88 to 3/90:  Research Fellow, Drexel University

  Manufacturing of metal matrix composites- process technology licensed to ALCOA


1984 - 1988:    Pennsylvania State University

    Ph.D. in Metals Science & Engineering Specialized in Laser Welding


1976 - 1981:    Indian Institute of Technology (Kharagpur), India

    B.Tech. (Hon.) in Metallurgical Engineering

Awards & Honors

  • Impact awards from Sermatech International (every year since initiation in 1994)- awarded to employees who make a significant contribution to company business

  • ASM - IIM Visiting Lecturer Award to deliver lectures in India

  • Post-Doc Fellowship (1988-1990)

  • Ph.D. Graduate Student Fellowship (1984-1988)

  • Graduate Student Fellowship (1982-1984)

  • Listed in Whos Who of Science and Engineering

  • Numerous publications and patents