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Text Box: v      Metallurgical Consulting
      Ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy, with a specialty in superalloys and heat treating
      Knowledge of IGT components, specifically on materials deterioration and repair
      Failure analysis and testing
      Auditing of 3rd party vendors
      Training and tutorials of coatings, welding and repair processes
      Complete metallurgical analysis including; X-ray, EDS, Microscopy, SEM of all types of coatings and components of ferrous, non-ferrous alloys and superalloys 
v      Surface Engineering:
      Welding:  Laser, PTA, TIG
      Coatings:  Thermal Spray, PVD, CVD, TSA
      Brazing & Joining 
v      Diffusion Coatings
      High temperature aluminide, Al-Si, Chromide 
v      Compressor Coatings
      Aluminum corrosion resistant coatings, Anti-fouling coatings, high temperature paints, sealers 
v      Heat Treating:
      Heat treating of superalloys, tempering of steels 
v      Strategic Planning & Technology Transfer:
      Global knowledge on market trends and analyses, coating selection, materials analysis, development of coatings and processes.  Can develop alternates to any OEM coatings or materials and transfer process technology to clients site