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Materials Solutions International

Technical Analysis - Market Intelligence - Strategic Planning Ė Technology Transfer

Who is MSI?

MSI is Materials Solutions International, a privately owned company dedicated to providing surface modification services to the turbomachinery industry.  Its President, Dr. Purush Sahoo, brings many years of innovative coatings, welding and brazing technology, superalloy metallurgy, application, processes and materials science  background to enable it to provide cost-effective solutions as an alternate to OEM practices.

What specific services does MSI offer?

Through its partners and members, MSI offers the most diverse collection of services under one roof of any independent technical consulting company.  Specific engineering and consulting services are listed in this brochure

What is MSIís expertise?

MSI can leverage its relationship with its partners and its affiliation with various academic institutions whose members and partners are internationally recognized experts in surface modifications technology.   It encompasses the latest technologies in surface enhancement and engineering.

 Why use MSI?

MSI can offer independent evaluation of 3rd party suppliers.  It offers the most technical and sophisticated metallurgical analyses in the greater Houston area Ė itís staff is unmatched in education (two Ph.D.s in metallurgy in its staff), experience, and access to high end analytical tools

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